5 Great Resources for Planning and Budgeting a Wedding

It’s wedding season and love is in the air. Did you know August, September, and October are three out of the five most popular months to get married? According to wedding wire 41% of weddings take place during one of these three months. Since August is coming quickly, we’ve compiled a list of awesome resources to help you have the best, on budget wedding you can imagine. It is your special day after all.  

    1. www.apracticalwedding.com
      Apracticalwedding.com is a great resource for anyone looking to plan a fun and authentic wedding. They have resources on proper etiquette, advice for how to avoid, or deal with, family drama, and our personal favorite: Budgeting and planning. We especially liked this article from Alyssa Griffith: https://apracticalwedding.com/creative-sample-wedding-budgets/ 
    2. www.thesimpledollar.com
      Thesimpledollar.com has an excellent blog for all things personal finance. We found this article particularly interesting: https://www.thesimpledollar.com/eighteen-tips-for-a-frugal-not-cheap-wedding/. the article provides 21 ideas that can help you cut costs but still have an exciting wedding.
    3. www.costofwedding.com
      Resources 1 and 2 focused on learning about budgeting, why it’s important, and how to stick to a budget. Now it’s time to figure out what your budget is and make a plan. Costofwedding.com can be a great starting point. costofwedding.com will ask you about what look, feel, and services you deem essential. The website will then give you a total budget estimate based on where you live and the nearby services. If you have no idea how much you might need for your dream wedding, this website can give you the starting point you need. Then make adjustments based on your situation. 
    4. www.Thumbtack.com
      Thumbtack is a great resource for finding low cost services. If you just need to have a photo booth at your wedding but money is tight, Thumbtack can help you find someone within budget. Just input your zip code and search for the service you want. Thumbtack has everything from DJ’s and photo booths to officiants and makeup artists.  
    5. Expense Tracking Apps
      Now it’s time to track expenses. If you’re serious about sticking to a budget, we recommend compiling your funds into a single bank account. This can help you keep tabs on your spending. To take it a step further, there are financial apps that can help you track expenses and spending in relation to your budget. Each budgeting app has their own strengths and weaknesses so you should check out our next blog post for a deeper look into which personal finance app might work best for you. For now here are a few of the most popular: 
      1. YNAB 
      2. Mint 
      3. Wally

Alright so that’s a lot of info for you. If you’re planning a wedding, hopefully this helps you walk through your budget step by step. Getting married is fun and exciting, but planning a wedding can also be stressful. Use these tips and resources to reduce your stress level, even if it’s just a little bit. 

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