11 Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Looking for a change on a budget? We’ve compiled a list of 11 things you can do to give your house a quick makeover, and if you're lucky enough to be home alone, most of these can be done before the kids get home. It can be easy to redecorate your home!

Budgeting for Redecorating

Before you start with your redecorating projects, you should set a budget for yourself. As you research styles and designs you’re probably going to be tempted to throw out all your furniture and décor and start fresh. While you might have some extra moolah to spend, redesigning your entire house, or even one room, will get expensive fast. Do some research, set a budget, and make a plan. As you’re setting your budget it’s good to remember that it doesn’t take much to change a room. One or two new décor pieces, some paint, or an accent piece in the right place could be all you need.  

With that out of the way, you can jump into the nitty gritty of redecorating the house.  

Updating Your Home with Small Changes to Get a Big Difference

    1. Prioritize the room’s purpose – When redesigning a room, you’ll first want to think about what you plan to do in the room. If you want your kids to stop doing their homework on the kitchen table, maybe it’s time to update the extra bedroom to act more like an office or study area. maybe the living room is where you go to read a book. If so, it might be time to get some bookshelves and reading lamps. Design and rearrange with purpose and for functionality. 
    2. Rearrange your furniture – While this is nothing groundbreaking, it’s definitely an easy thing you can do to your bedroom or living room to spice things up. A new furniture arrangement immediately gives your home a new and fresh feeling. 
    3. Add a mirror – You'd be surprised how much a mirror can change a room. A mirror can open up small spaces and bring new depth to crowded rooms. 
    4. Update your accent pillows – This can be a great way to bring new colors into a room. Your accent pillows might be the best place to start if you're wanting to bring in a new color palette.
    5. Get a new rug – Similar to changing your accent pillows, a new rug can bring new color and life into a room. Rugs can also be used to separate spaces and unobtrusively divide a room. 
    6. Paint a wall – An accent wall can spark life into a room that’s lost its charm. You don’t have to go crazy, even a neutral color can make a big difference. 
    7. Change up your lighting – There are layers to lighting. So if all you’re using are the overhead ambient lights, you should look into getting table lamps or new floor lamps. New fixtures can bring light to dark corners and give you an opportunity to add some new décor. 
    8. Shop your house – Your house probably has lots of great furniture that can find a new home in a different room. Moving the accent chair to your bedroom could be just what you need to make your house feel new again. Tables, chairs, armoires, chests, and benches can all find a new place inside your home. 
    9. DIY your décor -- You don’t have to go buy new décor. Instead, you can make some. Pinterest is a hotbed for great DIY décor ideas. Here are just a few you might want to try 
      1. Frame torn out book pages 
      2. Use family photos 
      3. Add some shelves 
      4. Make a quote board with fancy free fonts from the internet 
      5. Get some plants 
    10. Use a minimalist style – If you’ve been feeling like your home is a little cluttered, it might help to change your overall style to something more minimalist. And our blog post on minimalist design could help you get started. 
    11. Lean into the accents – You don’t need all new furniture. However, maybe all you need is a new chair, accent table, or stylish bench. 

There you have it. 11 easy things you can do to redecorate your home. And most of them are inexpensive too!

Lastly, one more money saving tip: Cull your cart. When you’re out shopping it’s easy to pick up everything you think you might like. Before you get to the checkout counter, go through your cart one more time and take out anything you don’t love or don’t know where you will put it. In other words, it's always better to stay in budget and live within your means.  

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