• Our mission is to fund life's essential items.
  • We offer the most affordable Lease-to-Own program.
  • We give our customers flexible discounts with our Anytime Buy Out.
  • We strive for total transparency, nothing is hidden.

We understand that life has a lot of bumps and many times, Lease-to-Own is the only way to get the essential items you need. Our care team is here to help with your Lease-to-Own experience and answer the questions you have along the way.




Our Guiding Principles

The 3Ps 

Our mission is achieved through 3 key partnerships:

  1. With our customers,

  2. with our retailers,

  3. and with ourselves.

The success of our partnerships is driven by great people and innovative technology.

  • People who believe a successful partnership can make 1+1= 3 (or more!) 
  • People who share accountability and treat each other with respect, integrity and transparency
  • Technology to select the right partners as customers and retailers 
  • Technology to help people manage transparency and accountability 

Leadership Team

Eliot Kang - Chief Kornerstone

Eliot Kang

Chief Kornerstone

Joseph Nam - Chief Strategy Officer

Joseph Nam

Chief Strategy Officer

John Sadler - Chief Experience Officer

John Sadler

Chief Experience Officer


Jordan Lopez---Vice President of Finance

Jordan Lopez

Vice President of Finance


Kat Peterson

Executive Director of Marketing

Rody Harper - Head of Business Intelligence

Rody Harper

Head of Business Intelligence

Randy-Lee-Director of Sales

Randy Lee

Director of Sales



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