11 Fall Decorating Ideas to Make You the Master of Autumn

These awesome fall decorating ideas give you room to be creative. Think outside the box and in no time you’ll find cheap or free ways to show off your amazing decorating skills and prove that you are the master of autumn. Here are 13 great places to start. 

Blankets everywhere


It’s time to get cozy. The more blankets you have, the cozier you’ll be. You can stack them, throw them, display them on hooks or whatever you want!  

Along the same lines, blankets work great as a fall table drape or bench décor.  

You know what else you can put everywhere? Pumpkins and gourds.


Real ones will last for quite a while once they’re cut off the vine. You could start putting them out as early as September and they won’t go bad for months! Put them in bowls, on plates, shelves, steps, stairs, benches, baskets etc. Small ones, big ones, or colorful ones will all work.  

White pumpkins make for a more subtle and cleaner fall effect, plus you can paint them anyway you like. Patterned pumpkins make for a unique fall decoration 

Put fresh fruit in a bowl (Or Basket)


Apples are a great fall choice but you can also try plums, pomegranates, pears or grapes 

Forage for branches


You can peel the leaves off for a bare branch or leave them there for a splash of color. Put them in a vase with water to keep them alive for longer. Broken branches in a jar with twinkle lights add an excellent touch. 

Leaf art


There’s a million ways you could do this but one of the easiest is to just place or pin leaves in white frames. Get a bunch of them for a cool, natural, gallery wall 

Wheat sprays


If you can get a hold of some wheat sprays, throw them in a tall vase for a classic fall look  



Throw some corn kernels in a mason jar, maybe add a small candle if you want. Indian corn adds cool fall colors too. There are hundreds of other ways to use corn too so be creative in your decorating 



Acorns also look really good in mason jars and vases. Add some fake leaves to add extra color 

Find something Rustic or Vintage to display


Got a cool tin basket? Is it a little rusted? Maybe you have an old wicker basket. Set them out and your house is immediately more autumnal than before. 

Burlap makes anything look like fall


Click this link to check out how you can use burlap on an assortment of other decorations. https://homesthetics.net/34-insanely-beautiful-burlap-decor-ideas-for-cozy-households/ 

Another fall favorite: plaid


Plaid blankets, pillows, chair cushions, and more will make your home instantly look like a fall wonderland Try new pillows, blankets, cushions, and more  

There are your 13 starting points for awesome fall decorating. Take these ideas, run with them, and show everyone what a master fall decorator you are.  

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