3 Reasons Why Lease To Own Makes Sense

We know there are some situations where a lease to own (LTO) option such as Kornerstone Credit is the perfect choice. Here are three circumstances that might mean LTO is the option for you. 

1) You’re closing on a mortgage soon – Congratulations! It’s almost time to move into that dream home. Now you might be wanting to get some new furniture or perhaps a tire blew out on the way to work and you need a new one. If you have an inquiry show up on your credit it could increase your interest rate or delay your closing, which could be painful for your monthly payments. 

2) You don’t want another revolving credit line – Revolving lines of credit, while common, can be scored less favorably than other forms of credit. This is especially true of revolving lines that aren’t offered through a primary bank.   

3) You have no credit – Isn’t it crazy how most places require a credit score before they’re willing to offer you credit? How are you supposed to show your reliability if no one has given you a chance?

Luckily Kornerstone Credit is around to provide you the opportunity to buy what you need when other places won’t. We believe in our customers and understand that people just need to be given a chance. 




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