5 Gift Giving Strategies for Mother's Day (Or any day)

It’s arguably one of the most important holidays of the year. A time to give back to the person who has sacrificed so much for you. This is a day to celebrate everything she’s done for you. 

Although this day comes once a year many of us find it difficult to find the perfect way to show our appreciation for such an important person. People struggle every year to get gifts for both mothers and/or wives. Here are 5 different strategies that anyone could use to get the perfect gift. 

1. “Practical” strategy 

This approach is best for those of us with more pragmatic mothers. Try choosing presents that are useful to them. Clothes, technology, tools, shoes, books, etc. There are a ton of gifts you can get when you use this approach. If you think this strategy is right for you, the best thing to do is ask your mother what she would like as a gift. These mothers often know what they need and will tell you outright what she would like. 

2. “Sentimental” strategy  

These gifts might be a little harder to pin down as these will be specific to the individual. For mothers that prefer gifts given through this strategy, even if you ask what she would like, she probably won’t tell you anything specific.  Some great ideas for this strategy include scrapbooks, custom engravings, embroidery, or detailed cards or letters. Even better if you get something home-made!  

3. “Quality-time” strategy 

Mothers often just want to spend some quality time with their kids, and what wife doesn’t love a date night? An upcoming concert, a spa day for two (or more if you want to invite siblings), or a personalized day trip could be a great gift if you want to use the quality time strategy. 

4. “Service” strategy 

For this approach, what you do on Mother’s day is more important than what you give her as a gift. Breakfast in bed, deep cleaning the house while Mom relaxes, or preparing her favorite homemade dinner might be something to consider giving her on her special day. 

5. “The Classics” strategy 

For the mothers that love the traditional. Flowers, Chocolates, Jewelry, etc. Some mothers just like it that way. Or maybe you’re short on brain power and this is the best you can think of. Either way, it’s a classic and you’re sure to do great. 

If you would like help deciding what strategy to use to get your mother a gift, check out Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages. When you know your mother’s love language, it’s much easier to know what type of gift is going to be best to show you love and appreciate her. 

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