5 Important Tips to Consider When Buying Appliances

Just like breathing with a head cold, you never appreciate your household appliances until they stop working. 

The average lifespan of home appliances is roughly 13 years. Whether it’s financing appliances with bad or no credit, or looking for lease-to-own appliances, it’s understandable why you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to consider.


To help you in your decision making, we’ve listed five things to keep in mind while shopping for your next appliance.  


  1. Research what features you need.

If your laundry room is next to the kids’ rooms, look into washers that feature a silent motor. If you need to start a load of dishes while you’re away from the house, consider buying a smart dishwasher with Bluetooth connection.  


  1. Shop for the best places to buy.

Whether it's large box store like Home Depot and Lowes or your local mom-and-pop stores, many retailers often have a large variety of brands to choose from.   


  1. Look up the best times to buy.

Many retailers will use discounted prices to lure in bigger crowds during holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day and even Veterans Day. September and October can also be a great time to take advantage of marked down appliances, as merchandisers try to make room for newer models before the new year.


  1. Decide what your budget is.

While appliances are an important purchase, it’s important to find the right balance between long-term investment and conservative saving. Research how much appliances go for, and then calculate how much of your savings you’re willing to spend.


  1. Consider how to finance your appliance with bad or no credit.

Of course, even when you do have money saved up, it can be anxiety-inducing to spend most of it on one purchase.

Many stores offer in-house credit cards that are difficult to pay off. But with lease-to-buy financing, you can stretch out your purchase into monthly payments with minimal leasing fees. This allows you keep your savings while fitting your purchase into your budget.


Luckily at Kornerstone Credit, we can make no credit needed financing on appliances work for you with our 90-day buyout option with very minimal fees, or leasing to own with affordable payments over a 12-month term and owning your appliance at the end. You can even fill it out on our app and take your approval with you to the store.


Apply online or call us and easily purchase a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or any other appliance without credit today.

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