Awesome Employee Spotlights

As you’ve probably noticed we’ve been doing another round of employee spotlights. If we’re 100% honest, all our employees are excellent, but there are a few that have gone above and beyond recently and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. 

Brandi Martin 

First up is the amazing Brandi Martin. Brandi is a sales rep in one of the most competitive territories in the country. Brandi has overcome many obstacles over the past few months and has worked hard to help her retailers day in and day out. It’s obvious from her results that for Brandi, every day is a new opportunity to succeed. 

When she’s not knocking doors or talking to stores, Brandi loves going to billiards tournaments to watch her two sons work toward being part of the national team. She’s huge into fitness and you’ll often find her out running or lifting weights. On Sundays she loves to have her entire family over for dinner to laugh, catch up, tell stories, and have fun. 

Mike de León 

Mike de León is our IT and hardware guru. He makes sure everyone’s computers are connected and performing as they should. As he’s worked to upgrade our internal systems he’s still been available to troubleshoot technical difficulties with a smile on his face. He answers all requests promptly and he’s always ready with a quick quip that lightens the mood. 

After his 9 to 5 here at Kornerstone, Mike likes to go home and learn as much as he can about anything and everything. He’s a wealth of trivia and interesting facts. He enjoys puzzles of any kind and loves testing his problem solving abilities. When it starts to get late you’ll find him trying out new video games, he especially loves games that come with a puzzle or problem solving aspect to them.  

Jordan Lopez 

Jordan Lopez manages our accounting team. He’s a wiz at reconciling Kornerstone’s complicated accounts. 

When I asked Jordan what he likes to do after work he responded in traditional fashion: With a bunch of nonsense. His evenings consist of an interpretive dance class that he takes with his wife. After he puts his four children to bed he goes off to the underground fight clubs where they call him Small Fry the Destroyer and on weekends Jordan often goes walking in meadows of clover with his family. 

All in all, Jordan has a great sense of humor and a beautiful family that he loves to be with when he’s not working. 

Brenda Lynn 

Meet Brenda Lynn. If you scroll through our reviews on Google you’ll find her name mentioned a lot in some of our best reviews. Brenda takes customer service to a whole new level and makes sure that everyone she talks to feels comfortable with their lease and their payments. She’s kind, helpful, and knowledgeable in everything she does.  

When Brenda is not at work she is usually with her family, whether it’s her 100 year old Gramma or her 19 month old granddaughter. Since her children are all grown, she loves getting to spend time with her husband. She also is a big fan of brain teasers and variety crossword puzzles. 

Our employees are the best!

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