Design Styles and Why They Matter

Understanding the similarities and distinctions between the different design styles can help you plan your perfect home. Most interior designers choose a style for the house as a whole, then make small changes to each room, thus providing unique qualities for each room whilst maintaining a consistency that makes the house feel like a home.  
You might be wondering why interior design and decorating styles is worth your time. Interior design at it’s essence is about improving living conditions. A small space can be made to feel big. A vast space can make people come together. Using interior design aspects isn’t just about making your house look the way you want it. Design styles are about creating a feeling unique to your space and giving you a functional and beautiful place to live. 
If you take the time to learn which design styles suit you best and what makes that style unique, you can then plan your home to maintain a feeling that you love. In this series we’ll show you the most popular design styles of 2019 and help you plan out a room based on that style.  
We will routinely do blog posts to dive deeper into specific design styles, so come back for more!
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