Help us Fight Human Trafficking With the Malouf Foundation

We are so excited to be able to announce this awesome partnership! Officially, Kornerstone Credit will donate $10 to the Malouf Foundation whenever a Malouf product is on a Kornerstone Credit customer agreement. Now anyone can help fight against human trafficking, and get awesome bedding in the process!  

If you want to help out, Malouf’s luxury bedding products are widely available for retail, including in many of Kornerstone Credit’s retail partnerships across the United States. Call Kornerstone Credit to find out where your nearest bedding retail partner is located. 

More about The Malouf Foundation 

Sam and Kacie Malouf established the Malouf Foundation in 2016 to combat child sex trafficking. Now the Malouf Foundation fights the evils of child trafficking and supports survivors through their On Watch training program, direct donations, and community partners such as Operation Underground Railroad and many others. Additionally, since the Foundation was created, five dollars for every Malouf product sold, goes directly to supporting survivors of child sex trafficking.  

Sam Malouf, founder of the Malouf Foundation said “We are trying to shine a big spotlight on this issue of child sex trafficking. We don’t need tens of thousands of operatives to get the bad guys. We need public awareness to increase and then, organically, everyone will rise up and that’s when a real difference can be made. We are excited about this partnership with Kornerstone Credit because it shows how companies can get involved in this important issue.” 

Kornerstone Credit 

Kornerstone Credit was built on the principle of helping others. Recognizing that many people are unable to obtain traditional financing for many of life’s essential items, Kornerstone offers affordable purchasing programs that fit with an individual's needs. Kornerstone Credit’s lease purchase contracts are available to those whose financing options are limited by their credit score. 

Eliot Kang, CEO of Kornerstone Credit said, “Along with the Malouf Foundation, Kornerstone Credit also holds strongly to the conviction that every child deserves freedom, justice, dignity, and a safe home. The Malouf Foundation is a powerful champion of this cause. It is an honor and a privilege to help support this endeavor and we are thrilled to partner with the Malouf Foundation.” 

“We are strong advocates for the Malouf Foundation,” Clint Cowley, CRO of Kornerstone Credit said. “Through our parent company, Kornerstone has been an active donor to the Malouf Foundation for the past 2 years, and all our employees are currently in training with the On Watch program. Fighting against child sex trafficking has become something the entire company is invested in, and this partnership was the obvious next step.” 

What to do next

So if you’re looking for some new bedding, whether pillows, sheets, or mattress toppers, you should check out the Malouf website. To get a list of nearby retailers you can call Kornerstone Credit at 888-521-5111. Join us in fighting against human trafficking! 

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