How to Arrange Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

Your bedroom plays an important role in your health because it is where you sleep, unwind, and relax. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to how you arrange and care for your bedroom. Treat yourself by creating a peaceful and comfortable bedroom to welcome you at the end of a tough day. Read below for 5 tips on how to attain a zen bedroom.


1. Make Your Bed Every Morning, and Keep Out Clutter

Making your bed as soon as you wake up can be a pain, but it's worth it! As your first action of the morning, you're setting an intention and mood for the rest of your day. A US Navy Admiral gave a speech entitled, "If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed". If you haven't seen this motivational video, click the link!

A tidy room creates a tidy mind. Keep clutter out by tidying your room daily, and having an area for all your items. It's a lot easier to go to bed if your laundry isn't piled on it.




2. Create a Happy Space

Your bedroom should be a space that you can relax and unwind in. Take a few minutes to think about your favorite colors, items or pictures that make you happy. To create a happy and relaxing environment, consider adding the following items to your room:

  • Aromatherapy is a great way to create a relaxing environment, especially lavender scented candles and oils.
  • A soft rug is a small but luxurious detail to add to your bedroom. After all, the floor can be so cold in the morning! Ease the shock by adding a soft rug under or on the side of your bed.
  • A pop of color from decorative pillows or a blanket is a great way to make your room more chipper. There are many textures and colors to choose from, so get creative!
  • Pictures of friends and family, from a great vacation, your pets, and other happy things are always are great way to make your room more welcoming. Pictures from your life also make your living space more personal, which can help you feel more at home.

Your mental state is just as important as the decor in your bedroom. To clear your mind before bed, keep a notepad by your bed to relieve the anxieties and thoughts of the day. Writing down the busy thoughts running through your mind can relax your mental state, helping to prepare you for sleep.




3. Invest in Quality Bedding

Investing in good bedding will make all the difference in your sleep. Finding a quality mattress is an absolute necessity for good sleep. Head to a mattress store and test out different mattresses, whether firm or soft. Quality pillows will help your neck and back to be comfortable all through the night, and will decrease neck and back pain. Replace your duvet or comforter for a new cooling one, or a weighted blanket. New and quality bedding will be an inviting welcome at the end of your day.




4. Check the Temperature, Lighting, and Noise

Temperature, lighting, and noise all play a part in your sleeping environment. Lower temperatures have been proven to be a better sleeping condition. Lower your thermostat an hour before you go to bed, and keep your bedroom dark. If keeping your bedroom dark is difficult, consider buying some heavy curtains to keep the light out, or an eye mask.

Noise is a pesky problem when it comes to sleep, but there are some easy fixes you can try. Earplugs are probably the most inexpensive option. There are many options, and you can buy them in bulk. Another option is to buy a fan or white noise machine. Although a fan and white noise machine are more expensive than earplugs, either of these will allow you to keep your ears free, and can cover noise coming from outside your room.




5. Gadgets

Technology is a hot topic when it comes to sleep, so you probably already know that you should keep off your phone before bed. It's difficult! Consider watching TV in the living room rather than your bedroom, and working on your laptop at your desk or the kitchen table. You may find it helpful to set an alarm to remind you to limit your screen time before bed. If you're like us though, restricting media and technology cold turkey is tough. We've found that other forms of media can be a great replacement for Instagram or HBO, like a book, audio book, or podcast.



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