How to Get the Most Out of Memorial Day Shopping

It’s the end of May, which means Memorial Day sales are just around the corner. To kick off summer spending, some retailers are offering 30, 40 and even 50% off. But while there are so many promotions and flashing signs and enthusiastic announcers around every corner, it can sometimes be hard to know what you should spend your money on.

Luckily, here at Kornerstone Credit, we work closely with our merchants and can tell you just where the best savings are. Here is a list of what to buy over the long weekend – and what to wait on until a later time.

Buy Now:

  • Appliances

    Many retailers are hopping to clear out their winter inventory to make roam for summer models. This makes big ticket items within a much more affordable price. So take advantage of these deep discounts and get a new stove or washer and dryer that you’ll use for years after.
  • Furniture and Mattresses

    After spending months sitting on your coach and lounging in your bed, your interior furniture is probably ready for a spruce up. Replace your worn-out cushions and saggy mattress and save money while you’re at it with Memorial Day sales.
  • Outdoor living

    Memorial Day weekend does kick off the summer season, after all. Why wait until summer’s almost over to finally purchase that grill and patio dining set?
  • Tires

    Summer is a perfect time for family road trips. Upgrade your tires that have survived the winter weather with Memorial Day deals that can save you hundreds.

Wait Until Later:

  • Electronics

    Over the weekend, you’ll see plenty of great deals on electronics. But truth be told, Black Friday has the best deals on electronics. Unless you need those speakers right away, you’ll get bigger savings if you hold out until November.
  • TVs

    Often times, these low prices that you see on television sets are for current or older sets. But if you wait until November or even January, you could get an even greater deal on newer models.

Unfortunately, while all of these offers may be tempting, it doesn’t change the number in your bank account. That’s where we come in.

With our affordable and flexible repayment schedules, you can take advantage of these deep discounts now and pay over time with no credit needed. This is especially useful to make important decisions for things that you already need, like purchasing a new mattress or tires for your car.

Call us or apply today and you could get approved quickly, so you can enjoy deep discounts with Memorial Day weekend’s furniture, mattresses and tire sales.

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