How to Keep Your Tires in Tip-Top Shape for Winter

Winter can put a lot of wear and tear on your car, especially your tires. Winter is also the most hazardous time of year to drive, depending on where you live. Taking care of your vehicle is an important safety measure to make sure that your car is working properly. Car maintenance can be inconvenient and expensive, especially if you postpone or neglect necessary repairs or maintenance. However, you will save more money by taking good care of your car now instead of putting it off until later. For example, going into your local mechanic shop for inexpensive tire maintenance is far preferable to replacing all of your tires! Avoid the stress and save yourself time and money by maintaining your tires properly with the following tips.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

It is recommended that you test your tire pressure at least once a month. A common tire pressure recommendation is 30 psi, but you should check your car manual to see what your car needs. Low tire pressure means your tires are deflating, which causes your car to work harder to make your wheels turn, which reduces fuel efficiency.


Rotate Your Tires

Did you know that your front tires wear twice as fast than your rear tires? Rotating tires regularly will help your tires wear evenly, providing longer tire life. It’s recommended to get your tires rotated every 5,000 miles.


Align Your Wheels

Misaligned wheels can create steering problems, tracking problems, and create uneven tire wear. Technicians can adjust your steering to ensure that your wheels are perpendicular to the ground, and parallel to each other. It’s recommended to test your alignment twice a year.


Drive Carefully

You can avoid a lot of damage and tire wear by driving carefully and abiding by the speed limit. Driving cautiously will help you avoid obstacles like potholes which can create tire leaks and disrupt your wheel alignment.


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