Interior Design Styles: Industrial


This style has grown in popularity over the last few years. It highlights contrast between textures and colors in a way that combines modern cleanliness with an older, turn-of-the-century charm.  

The key behind the industrial style are the textures. If you’re interested in incorporating this style into your room or home, you’ll want to pick a few textures that you want to be your personal staple. Industrial styles often mix wood, metal, brick, glass, stainless steel, concrete, drywall, granite, and fabrics. The industrial style is one of the most versatile and variable styles of interior design because there are so many textures to combine. If you peruse photographs of industrial design, you’ll see that while they all have a similar feel, the designs are all quite unique.  


Industrial design generally starts with a neutral color palette. Because of the focus on texture, a lot of your color will come from the different textures you use. The brick brings in the earthy tones that you can tie into your fabrics. If you want to maintain that earthy color, bronze is a great metal that will work with such a palette. The stainless steel and other metals bring silver and black. Then you can use white painted walls or white quartz countertops to contrast the darker colors from the other materials you’ve used.  


In the industrial style, furniture is often used in a minimalist fashion. Go for simple but as always, focus on your textures. Tables are often a mix of wood and metal, sometimes with fabric chairs, or hard metal ones. The sofa and other furniture should stick with your color palette with beige, brown, black, or white. Leather is a common fabric for couches because it adds another layer of texture to the room.  


Lighting with the industrial style often uses large windows to allow for natural light, but also includes an array of other light fixtures. Combine lights, lamps, bulbs, and natural light much the same way you would do with your textures. Yellow light from Edison bulbs and large industrial hanging lights are a common staple of industrial style.  

Art and decor

With the industrial style, the art is often in the walls. The brick and the metal. The ducts and the vents. If your walls seem bare, vintage photographs or renaissance style paintings help maintain the turn of the century feel. You can also adorn the walls with other contrasting textures such as a metal bookshelf, or natural wood décor.  


Open layouts create the feeling of an empty warehouse that is so common with the industrial style. High and vaulted ceilings help to maintain that spacious feeling. Be sure to keep your furniture minimalist so that the space can be open and usable. 

If you like the industrial style, you have a lot of decisions on your plate. With the versatility of this style you’ll be able to create a room that is, in and of itself, a work of art. 

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