How to Save Money During Your Home Renovations

Home renovations costs can get out of hand pretty quickly, no matter the size of your budget. Busting your budget is everyone’s biggest fear and having half-done projects throughout the house isn’t what we want. We want to give you a few tips and tricks to save money during your renovations.  


Increase Efficiency Rather Than Size 


There are easier ways to gain room around the house without tearing down walls. Start by replacing space-hogging shelves with cabinet-height drawers. You could do some cabinet upgrades like dividers, pull-out pot trays, and lazy Susans.  

  • Cost to expand kitchen by 200 square feet: $48,000 - $95,000 
  • Cost of efficient, custom-design cabinets: $35,000 
  • Saved: Up to $60,000 

Do It Yourself Renovations  


Doing your own projects will definitely save you money, but be sure to only take on the ones you’re comfortable doing. If you don’t feel comfortable putting up drywall or laying tile, you can do the prep work, clean up, and prepare surfaces.  

  • Cost to demo: $450 (Dumpster rental and parking permits) 
  • Cost for a pro: $1,000 
  • Saved: $550 

Bring in More Light Without Adding Windows 


You may not have to invest a bunch of money in new, bigger windows to bring in more light to your home. You can install a light tube, which slips in between roof rafters and funnels sunshine into the living space.  

  • Cost to add an insulated window: $1,500 
  • Cost for a light tube: $500 
  • Saved: $1,000 


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