What Your Dad (or Anyone Else You Love) Might Need to Hear

It’s a common stereotype that fathers are the strong and silent influence in our lives. We go day to day, impacted by their lessons and their example, but many people struggle to show their dad how they feel. As Father's Day approaches we would like to focus on the opportunity we all have this Sunday to be a little more sensitive. We know dads are horrible at asking for things, after all, we’ve never met a dad willing to ask for directions. So even though he’s never asked, what emotionally touching thing does your dad need to hear? 

Here are five things you could say to your dad that would touch his heart this Father’s Day. 

1. Thank you for everything I don’t know about. 

We all know that our dads do a lot for us. In some cases, we never really know just how much he’s done for us. Maybe when you were a newborn baby, he worked two jobs and went to school just so that he could afford formula. There are countless ways he might have sacrificed something for you. He would love to hear that you recognize, and are thankful for, his sacrifices.  

2. A life lesson you taught me is... 

Dads love knowing that their example has influenced their kids. The best dads try every day to teach lessons and inspire healthy attitudes. Whether the lesson you appreciate was direct or indirect, your dad might even tear up when he hears that something he did helped you find value in life. 

3. My favorite memory with you is... 

Sometimes a memory is the most enduring thing a Dad can provide for his children. Your father would love to know what happy moment is deeply rooted in your mind. He will love knowing that you can hold on to that memory for the rest of forever. 

4. My favorite thing to do with you is... Can we do that more? 

What do you love to do with your dad? Is it something you can’t do with anyone else? Or maybe it’s just something that is better when Dad is around. Telling your father what you love to do with him is heartwarming for anyone. Add the touch of asking to do that thing more often, or even setting a day and time to go do that activity can be a powerful gesture for someone you love. 

5. I forgive you for... 

This might be one of the hardest things we have to say, however it is a positive and optimistic way to start a sentence. While many of us shy away from these feelings, a little bit of forgiveness is powerful and good. And it might be exactly what a dad needs to hear on Father’s Day. 

Many people have a hard time with real talk when it comes to their fathers. This Father’s Day could be a great time to have a sensitive and sincere conversation with the man that raised you.  

And these sincerity prompts aren’t only for Father’s Day. If you have birthdays, anniversaries, or any opportunity to have a heart to heart with someone you care about on the horizon, then take some time to think about what they need to hear. A little emotional intimacy can go a long way. 

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