When is it the Right Time to Make the Winter Tire Switch?

If you live in an area that experiences snowy or icy conditions in the winter months, hitting the road means paying close attention to conditions, adjusting your driving accordingly, and making sure your car is ready for the winter conditions. Do you wait until the first snowflakes hit the ground before you make the switch to winter tires? Although this isn’t the ideal way to do it, you’re not the only one! You should have winter tires installed on your vehicle when the temperature drops, whether there’s snow in the forecast or not.


Switch to winter tires when…

The temperature continuously drops below 45 degrees

A good rule of thumb is that if you're consistently able to see your breath, it's time to mount winter tires. As the temperature drops, the tread in your all-season or summer tires can become stiff and inflexible. Snow or winter tires are specifically engineered to remain soft and flexible despite drops in temperature


There is a thumping feeling

It is typically most noticeable in the morning and goes away after you've been driving for five to ten miles. Overnight, tires that aren't the best for cold temperatures can form flat spots from sitting on the pavement. As you drive and the rubber warms up, these flat spots gradually flex and work themselves out.


The tire tread depth is low or non-existing

This is crucial in any season but especially in the winter months. Your tires may lack the tread they need to safely grip the road. Easily check your tread level with a penny, place the penny head down in between the tread, if you can see any of Abraham Lincoln’s head it may be time to talk about getting new tires.


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