FAQ: No Credit Needed and Lease-to-Own Financing

No credit needed or lease-to-own financing for furniture can be the perfect solution to a difficult problem. But it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right company to fund your items, understanding all financial terminology, and making sure you understand your agreement. We want to make sure you understand every step in the process. Here are some of the most frequent asked questions:

What does “lease-to-own furniture financing” mean?

Lease-to-own purchase is an arrangement that allows you to lease an item, for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment, with the option to buy it at any time. Retailers commonly offer flexible lease-to-own programs for appliances, mattresses, furniture, and tires.


How can I fund furniture with bad credit?

“No Credit Needed” means that you don’t necessarily need to have credit history or a strong credit score to be approved for lease-to-own. We verify your identity with different data providers and look at many other data points to make a final decision, and we regularly approve customers with less than perfect credit or no history.


How to get approved for furniture funding or leasing?

You must be 18 years or older, have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN, routing and account numbers for an open and active checking account, and 90 days of history with your current employer.


Is funding or leasing furniture good for credit?

Rebuilding credit can be fairly easy when you lease-purchase furniture. Reputable credit solutions companies will accept a "Paid in Full" letter and report this to multiple credit bureaus. This gives you an opportunity to improve or build your credit score after you complete your lease.

No credit needed leasing like Kornerstone Credit fulfills a need for many people. Just starting out or going through some big life changes are both examples of when traditional furniture financing just won't work. You can get beautiful, comfortable furniture with monthly payments that are affordable and reasonable.

Anyone can get approved for up to $5,000 with a Kornerstone Credit lease. That’s plenty for a couple of pieces of new furniture. The stable payments are reasonable, and as long as you make your minimum payments on time, your balance never increases, and no fees are added on.

Kornerstone Credit is here to help those that don’t have other options. We want everything to be clear and understandable from the start. So, make sure you read your lease agreement. Then prepare some questions for our representatives. We'll reach out to you directly for the welcome call.


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