Ready for Summer? Get No Credit Needed Financing for Essential Items

The days are long, the nights are warm and the sunblock is out. It’s official: Summer is here.


While we’re sure you’ve stocked up on your popsicles and sprinklers, you may have overlooked some of life’s essential items during summer months. Here are a few big-ticket items that you can get financing for with bad or no credit needed with our lease-to-own options.


Deep freezer

Because the days are hot, your refrigerator freezer may be stocked full of ice cream bars and frozen slushies, leaving little room for actually food like frozen veggies and chicken. So be sure to get a deep freezer to store these icy treats and free up your freezer with our no credit needed leases.


AC unit

You probably don’t need to be reminded that you need AC during the hottest days of the year. Many AC units can last up to 25 years before needing replacement, but coughing up that much money all at once can be gut wrenching. Luckily with our leases, you only pay an initial payment and can stretch out your savings over a period of time with minimal leasing fees.



Because the kids aren’t in school during these summer months, this time of the year can be a great chance to get on the road and see new sights. But the last thing you’ll want is to blow a worn out tire in the middle of nowhere. With our simple application, you can fill it out within minutes at a tire shop and get almost instant approval, so you can hit the road in no time.


Call us today and see if you qualify for up to $5,000 to finance summer’s essential items.


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