Who is Kornerstone Credit

Kornerstone is a consumer no credit needed, lease-to-own financing company. Our company was founded by a 100+ team of leading industry veterans, technology experts, and financing professionals and launched in May of 2018. Our experienced team strives to fulfill its mission of “providing families with alternative means to purchase life’s essential items!”

At Kornerstone, we believe today’s consumers - with changing purchasing habits and lifestyles - can no longer be defined by standard credit scores and funding options. Through our partnership with our retailers and by utilizing the latest technology and advanced data analytics, we offer a unique purchase option that fits individual needs.

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What do we offer?

Kornerstone Credit offers consumers a lease that ends with the consumer becoming the owner of the merchandise. The term leasing means a couple of different things. First, you don’t technically own the merchandise until you fulfill the terms of your contract. Second, we give you the full terms upfront, with no hidden fees or accruing interest. You can look at the contract and know exactly what amount is expected of you during your lease. As long as you make your minimum monthly payments on time, you will pay off your merchandise without any additional fees or costs.

Added bonus, no credit needed leasing options, like Kornerstone, offer discounts for paying off early. When you make your minimum payments on time and pay off in 90 days, Kornerstone will waive most of the leasing cost. Even after the 90-day period, there are opportunities to discount your lease when you pay off your account early.


What Life essential items do we fund?

  • Furniture
  • Mattress
  • Appliances
  • Tires
  • Rims
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